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Vibrating Metal Butt Bullets You have surely seen these in sex shops where they can be found for pretty cheap. Colt makes great ass play products and plugs, and usually at a pretty affordable price. This one from AdamMale toys is one of the few I could find online. While different people claim that they have different success with cock pumps actually increasing their cock size over time, cock pumping is still a fun thing to try. You both are in the world, you and the Splorch, and your life is better because of it.

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This Perfect Fit vibrating cock ring is sure to get him going.

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Anal Toys for Guy's yes, we have a wide range of anal toys in our collection. It is made from an anti-bacterial silicone jelly making it safer and resistant to any funky smells. Most of the ones you find at novelty stores are veiny, much too hard, or will not last long.

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