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Team Juncker shows it has learned nothing from Selmayr-gate Tom Goodenough. I say that for several reasons. FPFW is concerned that allowing male-born sex offenders to be imprisoned with female-born inmates who are vulnerable and very often have been victims of sexual abuse puts women at risk. The theory goes that because men can count on physiological advantages that on average make them bigger, faster and stronger, trans women will also benefit, making competition unfair. Site maintained by Creode.

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There is a live and sometimes heated debate within the BBC about coverage of transgender issues.

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Julia Grant: Transgender 'pioneer' dies aged 64

But McKinnon claims the same research being used as the basis for the decision on permissible testosterone levels in athletes also suggests naturally occurring testosterone makes a minimal difference to performance compared to when it is taken through doping, for example. These are crimes that are overwhelmingly committed by male-born people, also known as men; a vanishingly small proportion of sexual offence convictions are against women. That is the definition of transphobia. What is the naked Brexit academic trying to achieve? Others have said further examples may "threaten" the participation of women in sport - a view described as "sensationalist" by transgender racing driver Charlie Martin, and as "transphobic" by McKinnon. Like so many others, the BBC should be braver in talking about transgender issues.

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Nicola Williams, of Fair Play for Women - a group established to represent women's voices "in the rush to reform transgender laws", believes trans women should not participate in female-only sport until more evidence is gathered. She also pointed out, after she won her world title in California, that Wagner-Assali had beaten her in 10 of 12 previous events. The BBC is not, of course, responsible for the conduct of political debate, but its coverage and approach of an issue such as this does contribute to the wider political climate. Transgender women take the female hormone oestrogen and testosterone-blockers before having any surgery, and continue to take oestrogen after their transition. Why did the BBC fail in these instances?

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