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So sad that his life was cut so short. Instead of taking the safe route and discussing the relationship between the gay and straight communities, the show took an introverted approach and looked at the relationships within the gay community itself. These fictional characters each have a different story, however, they all have diverse and real personalities and stories that gay black people can identify with. Many other notable essays and articles on camp leave black personalities off their lists, save for RuPaul and Nicki Minaj. Over-the-top sculptural hairstyles were gaining popularity, and classic styles like the chignon and finger waves were being reinterpreted with an urban flair. Those limited portrayals had long-lasting consequences for how I saw myself.

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The blaxploitation films of the s are also great examples with a camp bottom line, or an obviously staged and exaggerated political storytelling element.

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Jasper was a flamboyant and sassy dog who always wore short shorts and constantly went out clubbing. Follow NBC News. April 24,5: Ena on April 24, at

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