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Please enter your comment! Dave doing the interviews. Transform Trash Into Treasure. Dave asked me to be in it. What you need to know about EFT. How did you become a part of this film and why did you want to participate in it?

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Of course films get edited, so what came out was more about how to do that.

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The Inner Weigh

Transform Trash Into Treasure. It will tell you what you need to eat, how you need to exercise and even more precious, how beautiful you really are, just as you are right now. Whatever they believe will be ignited through watching the struggles others have gone through. Resolving them leads to Exceptional Tapping Results. Many of the teachers on the film either had a weight problem who knew Gay Hendricks was once pounds? What you need to know about EFT. And we continue to be flooded with diet plans, diet pills and even testimonials on how you can lose that unwanted weight.

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The Inner Weigh already has rave reviews on Amazon and is endorsed now by Rev. What did you — as one of many authors, spiritual leaders and experts who were brought together in the creation of this film — specifically want to say to viewers? Sadness, Loss, and Chronic Pain. Reports have documented the tremendous increase in the overall weight of Americans, especially our children. Many of us are old enough to remember when people started rising up against smoking. Please enter your comment! Contact the author for permission to republish an article on this site.

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