Post op transsexual peeing

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You have just done something that is life changing, and it's hard to do. I am not sure about bigger truck batteries, and would agree with the other advice, but these days batteries do not last like they used to. G gently pulled it through my urethra, the pain was hot and heavy. Does starting hrt require a certain type of therapist. Wear very sensible shoes. But you have to be your own advocate -- or at least have someone else be your advocate:

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Last evening, as the feeling of fullness grew, I sat on the toilet.

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First post-op check-up

A very good set of questions. One of those things that cause us so much stress. Eventually it will stabilize to a nice stream. I knew I was finished dilating, and I could go back to lying in bed. If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come.

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Thankfully, her effort to insert the dilator went smoothly. Well, there was a mention of that "last squirt muscle" to empty the extra urethra length The absolute best is to discover how to be yourself We are usually brought up in gender and all its stereotypes. For anybody who's had SRS, has there been a change in where your bladder presses when you have to pee?

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