Republican stance on gay marriage

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For example, the paleoconservative and social conservative factions would be far more inclined to favor federal drug regulations trumping states rights, while the libertarian faction would be more inclined to see such power devolved to the states or even further. Between the 19th century and the early 20th century, Republicans favored tariffs to protect and encourage American industry and industrial workers. Some Republicans have actively sought to block judges whom they see as being activist judges and have sought the appointment of judges who claim to practice judicial restraint. We oppose ill-conceived laws that would restrict magazine capacity or ban the sale of the most popular and common modern rifle. Publications May 14,

republican stance on gay marriage
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After the election, Senator John McCain, who is pro-life, advised his fellow Republicans to "leave the issue [abortion] alone.

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Rogers predicts that the tides will continue to turn towards gay marriage support within the Republican Party, and even goes as far as to say that it is inevitable for the GOP to one day have a candidate that supports gay marriage. Furthermore, the Republican Party believes in the right of individual states to decide for or against the recognition of marriages that do not fit this definition. Although Republicans and Republican-leaning independents as a whole are roughly split on the question, 60 percent of right-wing Millennials are in favor of same-sex marriage, with only 38 percent opposed.

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Age is strongly correlated with support for acceptance of homosexuality.

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