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Believed to be a front for the Family Research Council, PFOX deploys questionable science and methods in defense of reparative therapy. So all I can say is that a little bit of intimidation, a little bit of name-calling. This organization specifically addresses issues faced by people with conditions where their sex cannot be classified by conventional means. For social and support groups or organizations affiliated with mainstream religious organizations, please see List of LGBT-related organizations and conferences. They come to the door, and if your son answers and nobody is there to stop it, they grab the son and run off with him.

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This is one of the hugest stories you've never been told by the media:

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There is nothing hateful or bigoted about accepting and supporting the truth of marriage. Anderson brought his church national notoriety in Augustwhen a member of his congregation, Christopher Broughton, went to an Obama appearance in Phoenix legally carrying an assault rifle and a pistol. The school refused to let the children wear the shirts, and the ACLU filed suit against it as a result.

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Homosexuality in the Nazi Party.

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