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See what you get. If any of the above may offend you do not start this video!! Aldo, in the name of comedy, there are a lot of off color things that comedians say that can be humorous even if they are abrasive. Often citing examples that could be read as gender variance This is a thing that happens to real life gay or bisexual leaning boys and young transgender girls or sissy boys as we were once known regardless of sexual orientation. ET Magazine. Search for: Retrieved January 7,

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Retrieved June 5,

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Rolling Stone. The Golden Child was considered a change of pace for Murphy because of the supernatural setting as opposed to the more "street smart" settings of Murphy's previous efforts. Retrieved March 18,

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Murphy's early comedy was characterized by copious profanity and sketches lampooning a diverse group of people including White Anglo-Saxon Protestants WASPsAfrican AmericansItalian Americansoverweight peopleand gay people.

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