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Over recent years it's grown, and now contains over events, of which BLUF organises, supports or sponsors around around two … 22 Jun Profile photos on this site are the property of BLUF members, and should not be shared without permission of those featured. A brief guide to online dating There are lots of online dating sites these days, both for fetish and non-fetish people, and if you're not used to them, it can be tricky getting to grips with the etiquette - after all, you don't want to upset people when you're chatting online, do you? Join in and submit your best gay fetish photos. Any guests must be sponsored by a Bridgetown Leathermen member in good standing. So are alpha submissives better than other submissives? Back at the start of the year, I launched the BLUF 12x12 pledge, to try and encourage people to get out to their leather bars, for more than just the special party nights.

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Keep the leather scene alive - sign up to our 12x12 pledge One of the most important things that BLUF does every year is to organise meetings around the world; these are arranged by volunteers, and take place in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, the United States, and many other countries.

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Bridgetown Leathermen: A new group for Portland

One of the inevitable aspects of running a club, or a site like BLUF, is that sooner or later one or more of your members will pass away. I'm both flattered and delighted to announce the BLUF has been nominated in the X-Awards, a new event at Belgian Leatherpride to recognise organisations that have made a valuable contribution to the fetish scene. I wrote in December about our 12x12 Pledge, to encourage people to go out and visit their leather bars more, and I'm pleased that that's been taken up by many people, including some venues who've been using the logo we created on their publicity. Every year since another town is gay capital 'roze stad' of the Netherlands for the whole year www. Daniel's reaction to the outfit: What makes a man?

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Keeping it up to date is a big job - as well as events to add, … 27 Feb I really resonated with this post and need to reblog it. You need to login to do this. Slave on South Park. Our second milestone was passed on 23rd … 23 Apr It's a drug regime that, taken by HIV negative people, can help to ensure that they stay that way.

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