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Side by Side Film Festival Side by Side Film Festival is inspired by the success of the many lesbian and gay film festivals that take place worldwide. Paradise Spa. Discovering Russia as a same sex couple! XL Sauna. Our best gay travel tips, latest stories and exclusive deals sent straight to your inbox. The law applies to LGBTQI tourists who can be fined, arrested and detained, or expelled if the law is deemed to be breached.

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Unlike its Western counterparts, Russian gay saunas and bathhouses have not been conceived with the exclusive purpose of facilitating anonymous sex encounters.

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If you come with special fetish wear such as a mask, you will receive a discount. We loved St Petersburg a lot. In addition, the network raises awareness of the dangers associated with homophobia and transphobia and creates an understanding that these types of xenophobia should not be tolerated. You'll particularly need it in countries where gay dating apps are blocked by the government.

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At the entrance, everyone gets a bracelet which they can use to show their sexual preference.

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