Transgender comic

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And because I was making the comics for myself, I allowed myself to be more honest than I might have been otherwise. You don't need to grow a thicker skin for that I'm affraid you're armor will have better useyou just have to realise you're a beautiful woman and that those kind of error are just scatterbrain mistakes. Sunzilla 1 year ago This is normal for everyone. Kaye started drawing the comics in earlyafter a friend encouraged her to use illustrations as a way to help her process the emotions and experiences of transitioning. They are people, and not creatures like some people treat them as.

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As a genderfluid person I relate sooooo much!

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The Complete History of Transgender Characters in American Comic Books

Rejecting a fundamental aspect of one's identity would be to repress who they truly feel they are, day after day, for a lifetime. Even at age Continue with Facebook Continue with Google or. This was fascinating to read. Weren't you "Julie" in another comic?

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A photo posted by Julia Kaye upandoutcomic on Nov 20, at There is an universal truth in this. From Legion of Super-Heroes Los Angeles-based artist Julia Kaye is using a series of black-and-white webcomics to document her own transition, getting to the core of deeply personal experiences within the trans community. For trans readers, that representation has been almost nonexistent until recent years.

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