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Yet, two weeks before my twenty-first birthday I was introduced to gay sex and explained how if it was done right it would eventually save my life. I looked up at him again, reaching a hand out to grab the base of his cock, listening to him hiss before I guided the full member into my mouth. J September 12, at Because he desperately needed to be put in solitary confinement so that he could get away from being constantly gang raped, you moron. They know who holds the real power in this prison, and it ain't them.

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Shoulda thought about it before you did the criminal act that sent you there.

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Gay prison stories

Malcolm August 28, at 3: I just took vitamins and, thank God, I stayed healthy. John September 26, at Join Aaron, a 20 something year old professional from Boston as he falls for a guy he calls "Superman. But those programs were cut when Pataki was elected.

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This guy didn't know me from Sunday; maybe if I faked a little prowess, he'd back the fuck off. I had so much fun with this one I'm thinking of adding more chapters, but we'll have to wait and see. Have some dignity and respect. When Eric"s secret is revealed, his best friend sees red, and neither one of them know what he could be capable of After I got naked again, they told me to get on my hands and knees so I did what they told me to again.

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