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The counter-arguments tend to be that the children mechanic in games such as Awakening necessitate opposite-sex relationships. You resided in your room for a whole month now, hardly. Yaoi can take two people who never even interact, and make them lovers. After the whole commotion with Soren and Sothe getting arrested for possessing drugs was over, Ike decided to speak to Elincia about the problematic love traingle of Micaiah, Mia and Ilyana. This is horrible, you've made my favorite characters bad.

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Elincia felt terrible for what she said

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Zelda looked back towards her reflection in the bedroom mirror, however. She certainly did not fear the powers of this Emiya boy. Sitting on your bed, looking at the same page of the book you kept reading for a week now, you tried to ignore the hurtful empty feeling in your being. Ever since the Greil Mercenaries and the Dawn Brigade teamed up, Micaiah and Mia had done nothing but fight over who deserves to be Ilyana's lover more.

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Tanith moved behind a tree and quietly watched as Sigrun continued to bathe herself.

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