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Rex denies this, and informs his wife that he isn't the only male in the house - Bree worries Andrew is having sex. Meanwhile, against her will, Susan, Lynette and Gaby, with the help from Andrew, throw Bree a baby shower. Gabrielle struggles with Carlos' blindness, two young daughters, and a financial crisis. Manchester Evening News. In the middle of divorce negotiations, Rex suggests to Bree that they stop all of their fighting and sort things out - Bree is hesitant, but decides to continue with the divorce. October 23,

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However, Bree's suicide note is presented in which she confessed to feeling guilty over committing a crime to the court. Chuck returns, investigating Alejandro's missing persons report, and targets Bree as a suspect in a twisted scheme to seek revenge due to the break up. Fearing Andrew will move to Oakdale to purchase a house there, Bree buys Wisteria Lane as a wedding gift. Bree continues her relationship with George, in an effort to make Rex jealous.

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Bree discovers that George has put a wedding announcement in the morning paper and confronts him at the pharmacy.

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